Protect & Defend exists to fill a Critical  void in the firearms industry:

There are generally two types of instructors in the firearms industry: The "tactical" gun-fighter with his head-to-toe 5-11 gear and the old-timer.


The gun-fighter believes anyone carrying less than a [insert their favorite make & model of firearm] with a light, two spare mags and a backup gun in an ankle holster is a fool.  These guys train - and train alot - and they want to do the type of instruction that the vast majority of shooters don't want, don't need, or aren't ready for. Please don't get me wrong: I love to shoot with these guys.  Many of them, despite being opinionated, are great guys, fantastic shooters and fun to train with.  The bottom line is that the overwhelming majority of civilians who carry guns would be better served with a few hours of training from concealment than doing transition drills.


The old-timer is exactly that. He's humorless, been training students for 30 years, and is as equally opinionated as the gun-fighter. He'll tell you that if you're not carrying a Smith & Wesson revolver, you're an idiot.  All that aside, his biggest crime is that he takes all the fun out of shooting because he's obsessed with safety. While stressing safety is never necessarily a bad thing, imparting a fear - rather than respect - of firearms is counterproductive. We've seen many new shooters take a class and never handle a firearm again because the instructor scared them so badly.


There is a better way.


Protect & Defend exists solely to remove the barrier to entry many people feel when they walk into a class or a gun shop for the first time. We are low-pressure, realistic and non-judgemental.  Whether you want to simply fire a gun to see what the hype is about, or you want you've purchased a gun and gone so far as to get your concealed carry permit and simply gotten stuck, Protect & Defend exists to help you achieve your goals.


Our instructors are realistic, professional and, most importantly, approachable. We feel that it doesn't matter how experienced and expert an instructor is if you can't talk to him or her. Protect & Defend is standing by to help you!

Our instructors adhere to the Professional Code of Defensive Shooting Instructors

The Professional Code of Defensive Shooting Instructors


1. I am committed to the safety of my students, and hold that the expected benefit of any training activity must significantly outweigh any known or perceived risk of that activity.


2. I believe that it is my responsibility to understand not just what I’m teaching, but WHY I’m teaching any technique or concept, or offering specific advice.


3. I recognize that defensive shooting skills, along with the drills and gear used, are inherently specialized and usually distinct from those of target shooting, competition and hunting endeavors.


4. I will encourage my students to ask questions about course material, and I will answer them with thorough and objective explanations.


5. I understand that Integrity and Professionalism are subjective traits and I strive to maintain high levels of both. I am capable of, and willing to, articulate the reasons for the way I conduct my courses and how I interact with students & peers.


6. I believe that it is valuable to engage my peers in constructive conversation about differences in technique and concept, with the goal of mutual education and evolution.


7. I believe that the best instructor is an avid student, and I will strive to continually upgrade my own skills and knowledge. As part of this belief, I understand that my own teachings need to be subject to critique and open to evolution.



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