A Republic of Inaction

I can’t even describe the fury before me at this time.

I grew up in Northern Virginia. We’re not the foothills, rednecky, moonshine-quaffing types. Northern Virginians are regarded as a bit snobby and self-important. There’s some truth to that I suppose. We’ve got low crime, high income brackets, low unemployment, high cost of living. It’s a great place to live.

A young, seemingly nice, handsome and friendly young man is dead. He died on a Metro train across the river from that shimmering beauty of a state I call home. He died screaming and fighting as his slight body was stabbed with a blade between thirty and forty times only to have his body smashed by the killer’s foot afterward. We know these facts not because of closed-circuit cameras or CSI teams. We know it because it happened before 10 people.

10 occupants of a train who watched as this man had his life extinguished.

10 people who watched and did nothing. They watched a murder an arm’s length away in this Great Nation’s Capitol on her birthday, July 4th- and did absolutely nothing to protect this man.

What in the honest fuck have we become?

Lady Liberty cried Saturday afternoon, in broad daylight, as six dozen individuals chose to just watch one man kill another who was completely innocent and helpless. What was going through their heads? No doubt fear and terror. But not one of them felt a compulsion to act? Not one American, on July 4th, 2015, intervened? I’m ashamed not just at those people but of what we’ve become- a Republic of Inaction. A Nation of Cowards. We used to help our neighbor- we relied on ourselves and our neighbors to thrive in life, and together, we did for over two hundred years. We helped people in need not because of law or coercion, but because it’s the right thing to do, and it’s downright American.

What a pitiful thing to realize, that an America’s bravery has fallen so much on the day of her conception.

56 men signed that document and knew it was damning, sedition, and a clear death sentence had they been caught. They knew Redcoats would come with muskets, that colonists would bleed and die for their freedom. They knew it was worth it anyway.

Not one single American in that car chose the same. So it bears asking again, who have we become?

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