The Mission of Protect-Defend.com is twofold:

  • Provide professional, industry-recognized firearms instruction.
  • Provide accessible firearms information to everyone.

Looking across the gun-culture, online, in magazines and other publications, and in brick-and-mortar gun shops, one might think that the vast majority of the firearms industry are former Navy SEALS or retired Delta Force operators. Clerks at gun shops routinely roll their eyes when novices ask reasonable questions, berate customers for their chosen brand, and act as if they’re fresh from a hostage rescue in Somalia or preparing to fast-rope onto a rooftop. Online discussion boards are full of SPECOPS know-it-alls. Much of the available classroom or range instruction requires you to be in a uniform of 5.11 cargo with a drop thigh holster and 600 rounds of ammunition. 99% of the gun-owning, concealed-carrying population has never deployed a flashbang, cleared a room or been shot at.  The 1% that has (and the rest of them that pretend) shouldn’t alienate the vast majority of the population.

We step into that gap.  Sure, we love the Call of Duty-style tactics, the running-and-gunning training courses and shooting a ton of different guns from different positions and in different scenarios.  But we also love good ol’ lever-action Marlin .30-30’s even though they’re not fully tac’d out with every piece of kit available.

The goal of this website is to have something for everyone. We want to be a place where the mother of two can find information on what type of gun she can conceal in the waistband of her stylish jeans just as much as we want to provide training tips to the guy in 5.11 cargos who spends 10 hours a week on a range. This is a place where accessibility and acceptance are the rule, where there are no dumb questions, no topic to simple and, most of all, no gun not worth shooting.

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