Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s Despicable War on Women

McAuliffe to women: "If you're being beaten, you clearly deserve it. Back in the kitchen!"

It’s well documented that VA Governor Terry McAuliffe is a political stooge. He’s been a lapdog for the Clintons since long before Bill was soiling dresses and, as such, has an irrational hatred of firearms. Well, more accurately, he has a hatred (fear?) of private, law-abiding citizens having and carrying … more

Flying? Bring Your Guns!

Clearly marked...

Until recently, I’d never considered flying with personal firearms. It just seemed like too much of a hassle. Extra time at baggage, being harassed by the TSA… knowing my luck, Mohammed Atta gets right through, but yours truly gets put on a no-fly list because the TSA can’t be bothered … more

In the News: Woman Assaulted at Pentagon City Mall

Even in the most genteel of locations, violent people willing to commit violent crime walk amongst us. Pentagon City is a very upscale mall fashion center in well-heeled Arlington, VA. It’s well lit, secure and full of high-end shops, kiosks and department stores. Apparently, a woman in line at Victoria’s Secret … more