Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s Despicable War on Women

Guns Save Lives.

Guns Save Lives.

It’s well documented that VA Governor Terry McAuliffe is a political stooge. He’s been a lapdog for the Clintons since long before Bill was soiling dresses and, as such, has an irrational hatred of firearms. Well, more accurately, he has a hatred (fear?) of private, law-abiding citizens having and carrying guns for personal self defense. This is not to be confused, mind you, with his own personal security detail, who he wants armed at all times. He’s totally cool with his life being defended by people carrying guns.  To hell with you plebeians though, amirite?

It wasn’t too long ago that McAuliffe’s equally Constitution-less Attorney General Mark Herring decided he was going to unilaterally and fairly nonsensically eradicate concealed carry reciprocity with 25 states, citing those states’ lax training requirements and the danger that people with licenses from those states carrying firearms in Virginia presented to the denizens of the good Commonwealth. Despite not having, you know, any facts, figures or statistics of ANY incidents arising from our armed brethren from our neighbor states. Also ignoring that some states on the Herring’s list actually have fairly stringent qualification standards far exceeding the Virginia proficiency requirements (which, for the most part, can be knocked out on a Saturday afternoon in front of a computer whilst enjoying an adult beverage of your choice.)

Called onto the carpet by VA’s legislature (and gun owners) and fearing a recall, McAuliffe relented… but only AFTER making the good people of Virginia renegotiate for something we already had that he lawlessly took from us.

But I digress. I don’t want to pick that scab. Because he’s done something way worse.

McAuliffe’s latest stunt proves that he hates women. In particular, battered women who have filed protective orders against abusive spouses. 

You read that correctly, Dear Reader! Only unlike McAuliffe and his political hack compatriots, I’m able to present actual fact to support the above assertion, which, I admit, is provocative.

You see, our scumbag governor vetoed to bills designed SOLELY to protect battered women. VA HB 766 (Gilbert) and SB 626 (Vogel) would have allowed women who were otherwise legally able (that is to say, nothing that would preclude them from legally purchasing a firearm) to be able to carry to fire a concealed firearm using a valid protective order as a permit for 45 days, allowing them to legally carry a firearm in their defense against an immediate threat to their well-being while waiting for their VA Concealed Handgun Carry Permit (CHCP) to arrive.

McAuliffe to women: "If you're being beaten, you clearly deserve it. Back in the kitchen!"

McAuliffe to women: “If you’re being beaten, you clearly deserve it. Back in the kitchen!”

So, let’s say Susie Smith is savagely beaten by her drunkard husband, Bobby Ray Smith. When she gets out of the hospital, she immediately gets a protective order so Bobby Ray can’t come within 50 feet. But Bobby Ray is a violent alcoholic and violent alcoholics aren’t known for being super respectful of posted orders, especially when like beating up their wives. In fact, battered spouses are, statistically, much more likely to be attacked again in the first few days after a protective order is filed. Governor McAuliffe – somehow – is much happier knowing that Mrs. Smith is in danger than letting Mrs. Smith have the ability to defend herself – should she so choose – while she’s waiting for the state to issue her permit.  Which, coincidentally, generally takes 45 days to issue.

I’ve always found McAuliffe’s double standards surrounding firearms to be nothing less than odious. It’s motivated by politics, pure and simple. This, however, is something else entirely. This shows a blatant disregard for a real problem that real people have. Women are abused in the Commonwealth daily. Were Terry McAuliffe a Republican, I have very little doubt that this would be more fuel for the left’s #WarOnWomen fire. Since he’s a Democrat, indeed, a CLINTON Democrat – the very worst kind, this has been completely unmentioned in Virginia news.

He doesn’t get a pass here.

It’s time for Terry to acknowledge that a gun in the hand of a woman is an equalizer against a stronger and more aggressive threat.

Spread the word: McAuliffe Hates Women.


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