New Gun Store Opens In Arlington; Protestors Are Ridiculous

New gun shop opening

NOVA Armory Grand Opening. Photo Credit: Washington Free Beacon

Because an anti-gun protester named “Mama Nanny Cat Dog” telling law-abiding gun owners we need our heads examined is just too wonderful not to share.

In all seriousness, I went to the Nova Armory grand opening and, for such a small space, they have a TON of stuff.  Great, friendly staff, nice location (right across from the Bon Chon!)… It’s definitely worth checking out.

As to the grand opening, it was shoulder-to-shoulder from the 9am ribbon cutting (see video below). The clientele were friendly and the staff patient, given the store being about 500% capacity from the starting gun (no pun intended).

Check out the video below for the ribbon cutting, including comments from owner Dennis Pratte, VCDL President Phillip Van Cleave, Delegate Richard Anderson, President of Arlington Chamber of Commerce Todd Yates, and embattled, yet heroic Landlord, Katia.

Congratulations and best of luck to NOVA Armory!  If the amount of 4473’s I saw being completed is any indication of the future, it’ll be fair winds and following skies!

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Andy is a veteran of OEF and OIF and currently works in the surveillance industry, keeping an eye on the bad guys. He's been an NRA Certified instructor for over two years.
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