ICYMI: Another Lefty Journalist Wants You Dead


But, like with all leftists/statists/progressives, they don’t want to get their hands bloody. No, no. They want federal government to “literally go to war with its own citizens.” How do I know that? Because they write articles like “So At What Point Do We Actually Stand Up to the Gun … more

Appendix Carry Outbrief


I really wanted to entitle this article either “Why You Should Use Appendix Carry” or “Why You Should Never Appendix Carry.” It’s not going to be that easy. Back in February, I promised I would try out appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) carry (or just plain “appendix carry”) and report … more

Review: Grandfather Oak Hidden Companion

Grandfather Oak Hidden Companion

This is the third and final review in the appendix carry holsters series. Check out my Appendix Carry Outbrief for my thoughts on appendix carry in general. Today I’m reviewing: The Grandfather Oak Hidden Companion I picked up this guy a few years ago at a local gun show primarily … more

Village Idiot: Mike Malloy Incites Gun Violence


This freakin’ guy… Liberal charlatan and radio talk show host Mike Malloy has a solution for all those psychotic, law-abiding citizens who chose to exercise their constitutionally protected rights by open carrying rifles in public: What an unbelievable jackass. Ironically, he’s using his constitutionally protected right to pollute the airwaves by … more

Review: Old Faithful Belly Tuck Holster


This is the second in a series of three reviews about appendix carry. Today I’m focusing on the: Old Faithful Belly Tuck Holster One of the guns in my safe I knew I wanted to try to appendix carry was my Sig Sauer P220 Compact SAS GenII. It’s a beautiful … more

Review: GCode INCOG IWB Holster System


As I mentioned back in February, I’ve decided to give appendix carry a try. My approach was as follows: I would chose three of my carry guns, find reasonable holsters for each and carry them. I intend to post my have posted my findings about appendix carry overall in a future roundup … more