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IMG_1766Yes, I DID just write a review about a hybrid holster. Yes, I’m writing another one. I pay the bills here. I’m allowed to!

Seriously, the Crossbreed Supertuck is an outstanding product. No doubt about it. But I already have a few of them and part of my mission here is to review varied products – some bad, some good. In order to do that I need to leave the nest – try other, new stuff. So when I added a new carry gun to my stable, I forced myself to navigate away from and try something else on the advice of a fellow instructor: White Hat Holsters.

On the surface the holsters are almost identical. I’ve already discussed the hybrid holster design and its benefits so I won’t reinvent the wheel here. I like hybrid holsters. If you carry often I bet you’ll like hybrid holsters, too.

I’m going to focus here on what makes White Hat MaxTuck different from, and in some cases cases, slightly better than, to the venerable Crossbreed SuperTuck. I also purchased the horsehide option from White Hat whereas my SuperTucks are cowhide so I’ll steer away from comparing leather between the two in an effort to make this an apples-to-apples comparison.

IMG_1764Right off the bat, the first thing I noticed when ordering from White Hat is that there are kydex options. Colors, patterns… This was a first for me and I couldn’t resist dropping the extra $9 on a yellow Gadsden Flag (which made it to the decision finals against the pink zebra stripe) kydex on a black pad. Purely aesthetic but in a world of black kydex, it’s kind of a cool discriminator.

As far as performance or otherwise tangible assets the White Hat has, for starters, they use chicago-style screws to secure the kydex holster to the leather pad unlike the Crossbreed and other makes out there which are permanently rivetted. The “so what?” here is that you only have to break in ONE leather pad and you can swap out kydex to accommodate multiple guns.

Chicago screws make swapping out gun-specific kydex a breeze.

Chicago screws make swapping out gun-specific kydex a breeze.

If you’re like me and carry different guns based on weather, dress and mood (yes, I’ll carry my Sig if I’m feeling sassy), this is both a huge cost savings (new kydex scabbards are $22 as opposed to $70-100 for a whole new holster) and boon to comfort – breaking in leather is, sure, a labor of love, but a labor nonetheless.

Speaking of comfort, the White Hat uses a “dual-ply” construction, at least on the horsehide model I purchased, with a much softer, almost suede, leather liner on the back, skin-facing side of the holster. Again, breaking in a stiff piece of very thick leather is made a little less arduous by this addition.

Side by side – and fancy options like custom kydex aside – the holsters look almost identical right down to the shape of the back pad. I pulled out a dial caliper and discovered that the leather on the White Hat is a little thicker than the leather on the Crossbreed and the kydex, at least the custom kydex, is a little thicker on the White Hat than the Crossbreed but not such that performance should be improved in any meaningful way.

Out of the box, retention was good. It was tighter than any of the other makes of hybrid holsters I’ve tried. The “hold upside down and shake text” indicated that it’s got more retention than the Crossbreed, but, as discussed, retention on this style holster is a function not only of the shape of the kydex, but the fact that you’re wearing it inside waistband and secured with a belt which, by default, MUST be reasonably tight to keep your pants up.

I discovered, actually, that I like the portion of the retention yielded by the kydex to be somewhat lose, so my belt is doing most of the retaining. Reholstering a high-retention, inside-the-waistband holster is a bit challenging; you have to really shove the gun in. I don’t like the feeling that I’m reholstering against something. I like a resistance free (or low resistance), holstering action. That way, if I do feel resistance, I immediately begin thinking something is snagging, potentially the trigger, and address it. For me, this much retention interrupts that tactile (remember, I’m carrying at the 4:30 position and, therefore, can’t see the action as I’m holstering) routine I’ve developed. I use this holster with my Sig P220 Compact and put my thumb on the hammer as an early warning that something might have snagged the trigger. This is a personal preference and suspect that I’m the minority here, so it’s not a count against White Hat by any means.

That aside, the White Hat is extremely comfortable and, like other hybrid holsters, the very wide leather pad distributes the weight of the gun across a large surface area, making extended wear a breeze.

Overall, It’s a well-designed and well-constructed holster. The extra little features, like the swappable kydex holsters, make splurging on things like the horsehide upgrade a little easier to stomach and keep wives everywhere just a little happier! In my “would I buy it again?” rating criteria, the product receives a resounding “YES!”

The Details

Cost: $65.95 – ~$115 (depending on the hide, kydex and clip options)

Time to deliver: Varies (currently, around 4 weeks)

Customer service: Outstanding. In my experience, the specific gun I wanted wasn’t listed. I called (a person answered) and they assured me if they didn’t have the right mold, they’d get it.


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Andy is a veteran of OEF and OIF and currently works in the surveillance industry, keeping an eye on the bad guys. He's been an NRA Certified instructor for over two years.
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2 Responses to Review: White Hat MaxTuck Holster

  1. Tom Sand says:

    As per manufacturer’s instructions, a heat gun carefully applied will soften the kydex so you can adjust the retention to the exact point you like. I did this to mine. It’s perfect now and I love it. Try it.

    • Andy says:

      Tom – Absolutely. I’d only add that, generally, IWB holsters don’t need AS much retention as OWB, provided that they’re worn with properly fitting pants and a good belt.

      Glad you like the holster. White Hat is a phenomenal product!

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