ICYMI: Another Lefty Journalist Wants You Dead


But, like with all leftists/statists/progressives, they don’t want to get their hands bloody. No, no. They want federal government to “literally go to war with its own citizens.” How do I know that? Because they write articles like “So At What Point Do We Actually Stand Up to the Gun … more

Village Idiot: Mike Malloy Incites Gun Violence


This freakin’ guy… Liberal charlatan and radio talk show host Mike Malloy has a solution for all those psychotic, law-abiding citizens who chose to exercise their constitutionally protected rights by open carrying rifles in public: What an unbelievable jackass. Ironically, he’s using his constitutionally protected right to pollute the airwaves by … more

In the News: The VA Denies Veterans Their 2nd Amendment Rights

This one should get your blood hot. Attorney Michael Connolley, J.D. reports on Red Flag News that many veterans are receiving letters from the federal government (VA) that, due to treatment they’ve received for PTSD, they’re no longer eligible for their 2nd Amendment rights. Now, I’m all for ensuring that people … more