Yo!  Where's the free book/video/gun drawing/etc. that I heard about on Glenn Beck/Sean Hannity?

No idea.  I'm not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with anyone on the radio and I certainly don't make enough money doing this to advertise on the radio.  Best I can tell, it's a poorly worded commercial for uscca.org.  They have a ton of free information available.

Do you have a range?

No.  Not for public use anyway.  I do have a range in WV that we use for classes but that's invitation only.

Do you have a retail location?

No.  I'm a home-based FFL.  I can facilitate transfers, I can help find guns through my distributors, and I can save you money on a gun if you know what you want.  But I don't have a retail location you can "browse."  I'm happy to schedule a range session and help you select a gun, using other range's rental lines or my own guns, as well.

How do I get you to send your FFL to another dealer so I can transfer my gun to you.

No problem.  Fill out this form.

How much is a transfer?

$25 for the first gun, $5 each additional gun (in the same transfer).  If the transfer is denied for any reason, the fee is still due.

What is at your Eisenhower Avenue address?

Usually nothing.  I have a classroom and a small office.  There is no range or retail shop there and, unless I'm teaching, I'm generally not there.

Will you ship a gun for me?

Yes. I'll have to collect the FFL information for the recipient and any shipping/handling fees from the shipper.  I generally ship USPS as it's WAY cheaper than UPS or FedEX.

How does the transfer process works.

I receive your gun and call you/email you to schedule a time to do the transfer. You come to my house when we decide and we do the transfer just as you would at any gun shop.  I DO run a NICS background check, just like any other gun shop, so you can't circumvent past legal indiscretions and get a gun through me that you can't at any other gun shop.

What do I need to purchase a firearm?

You must have a Virginia ID card (driver's license or "walker's ID") that was issued at least 30 days prior to the transfer.  You also must not be barred from purchasing a firearm.

4809-B Eisenhower Ave
Alexandria VA 22304