We're asked all the time: Where do you offer classes?

Our classroom is located at 4809-B Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22315.  THERE IS NO RANGE AT THIS LOCATION.


We use ranges in Chantilly, VA, Lorton, VA, & Fairfax, VA. On occasion we've also used ranges in Maryland to accommodate students.


Finally, our Protect & Defend (West) location is our pride and joy. We have a classroom and a completely permissive, outdoor range on a beautiful facility, perfect for realistic, safe and practical firearms training. P&D (West) is conveniently located about 90 minutes west of the Beltway, just past Winchester, VA and right over the West Virginia border.


Generally speaking, the class location will be annotated on the schedule.

4809-B Eisenhower Ave
Alexandria VA 22304