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NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

The NRA Basic Pistol Course offers something for everyone, whether you've been shooting for decades or are just beginning your firearms journey.

Join us to learn the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to own and use a pistol safely.  All aspects of pistol safety and shooting are covered, including safety, pistol actions and types, shooting fundamentals, firearms selection and maintenance, and much more.  Includes an hour of private instruction on a live-fire range! (8 hours, including 1 hour on the range)

Price: $120*


Practical pistol Course

This is the next step for those who have decided that they are going to carry a concealed firearm for personal protection. Learn specific concealed carry law, concealment etiquette, how to conceal a firearm, how to draw, reloading techniques, shooting from cover, defensive mindset and decision making and much, much more.  This class is 8 hours on our private outdoor range in West Virginia, a mere 90 minutes from the Beltway and is the only class of its kind in the Northern Virginia area.  Expect to shoot at least 200 rounds from concealment at a variety of targets in a multitude of drills designed to prepare you to shoot in the non-linear world around you!

Price: $350*


Practical pistol 2 Course

The training wheels are off! This course continues on the defensive shooting fundamentals we learned in the Practical Pistol Course with an emphasis on speed: faster decision making, faster target acquisition, and faster target engagements.

Price: $350*


NRA Refuse to be a victim seminar

This award-winning, personal safety strategy course provides the perfect foundation for a defensive mindset.  Come learn best-practices for defending yourself in all areas of your life: home, work, in public, online and more! Check out the latest defensive technologies to protect yourself against a growing criminal element that's more aggressive than ever! Tuition includes a fantastic 80+ page textbook filled with tons of valuable information and industry-leading techniques.

Price: $45*


Appendix  carry Course

Appendix carry is all the rage in the firearms and concealed carry industries these days. Come and learn best-practices and techniques to determine if it's right for you. Conducted at our private outdoor range, you'll have plenty of time to get comfortable with appendix carry over several hours of classroom and range instruction (4 hours, including range time.)

Price: $150*


Private Range Instruction

Need a little more work on the range after your Basic Course? Took a classroom safety course and want to apply what you learned? Been a while since you've been on the range and your shots are everywhere?  Spend an hour, one-on-one, with an instructor on the range and we'll get you dialed in and back on target!

Price: $50/hr*

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*All returning students will receive 10% off additional training!

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